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NYCE Sensors is a global supplier of innovative ZigBee wireless products to the security and home automation industries.

It's the future, and we're listening.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, we are an industry leader in the design and manufacture of invisible devices that enable our customers to control and sense their world, providing the data to power the Internet of Things.

NYCE’s devices are designed to provide interoperability across different ZigBee ecosystem vendors and platforms, and are recognized as setting the technical performance and price standards for mass-market ZigBee sensors.
We design, manufacture and sell our products to industry leaders in the home automation, security, eldercare and energy management industries. Our sales channels include Tier 1 system providers and retail “big box” consumer markets.

NYCE’s wireless products are fully certified by regulatory and safety agencies for international sales. NYCE connects the “Real World to the Cloud”, improving user control and bringing true automation to any intelligent Smart Home network - the easiest way to turn a home into a smart home, bringing users peace of mind, savings, and convenience.

As an open platform with a thriving ecosystem, SmartThings also brings users freedom of choice in devices and limitless possibilities. NYCE has emerged as a leading global provider of wireless ZigBee sensors and end-points for Commercial and Retail Automation (IoT) markets.

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... driving the internet of things

In a world where data is King and personal choice is a given, we stand at the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution. Technology is driving the future of business and the competitive marketplace where consumers set the pace of adoption and proliferation, ultimately determining the commercial success of organizations around the globe. We have crossed the threshold where online meets offline and our reality is now truly a bold new converge of reality - and users are taking full advantage.

Every year, with every minute more and more devices connected to the internet are producing data and intelligence which drives the Internet of Things to fulfilling our every need, conveniently and personally. From homes, to cars, to careers, to cities and ultimately every aspect of our living universe, IoT is revolutionizing the way we think, work and play and is seeing humanity take flight in brand new ways.

The reach of the Internet of Things means there are more than 12 billion devices currently connecting to the Internet, and researchers at IDC estimate that by 2020 there will be 26 times more connected things than people.

At the very core of the connected life - is the power of sensor technology. Those hard-working and ever present devices designed and proliferated to capture and perpetuate data streams that form the lifeblood of every data driven ecosystem. It goes without say that sensors are the 'new genome' of 'living-data evolution' and will be primary in the emergence of integrated intelligence that drives comfort and convenience, cost savings and quality of time.

Whether it's making our homes smarter, our businesses more profitable or our planet more sustainable - NYCE Sensors is working tirelessly on the very edge of the technology frontier to advance and preserve an exciting new reality where life just works better - it's the future and we're listening. Always sensing ...

Intelligence meets IoT...

NYCE is a proud component of mCloud's bold new vision to create a more efficient future using AI and Analytics. Through the use of IoT sensors, NYCE assists in providing the core baseline end-point technology to connect structures such as buildings, wind turbines and electrical transformers to the cloud - applying AI to maximize their performance.

Over 10 year's leading innovation. At your service.

From contact switches or occupancy sensors triggered by motion, to KeyFob handheld control device using push button to trigger automation events, NYCE Sensors has been designing, developing and scaling sensor technologies that enable integrated connectivity for optimum performance over the ZigBee ecosystem - helping create a more efficient future.

"I got the contact switches today. I knew from the measurements how small they were but seeing them and holding them is a different thing altogether. They are truly tiny! Got one installed today with double sided tape on a door and it’s working like a charm. Super easy to install. Very unobtrusive."
Jeremy Frost
Control4 Sales
"Your products have all been great to work with, and our dealers appreciate the support and native level of integration"
Nitai Flick
Certification Lead
"I am loving the contact sensors, they work great and very discreet."
Jamie Hawkins
Tech Support
"Just got my ceiling motion sensor, smaller than I assumed. People are going to like this. Good job!"
Mark Ingham
"It was great to meet you on the Control4 Stand at ISE this year. Thank you for the Door sensor you gave me I have just set it up with my control4 system and can’t believe how easy it is to install and programme. I am going to certainly bear your products in mind for our future Control4 projects."
Sean Dacey
Project Manager